I am a mom, nature lover, animal lover, whose got an eye for detail and very passionate about what I do - helping people & transformation!

In my 30(something) years I've traveled to the Philippines & Africa on short term mission trips "stepping aside" and serving the needs of the people (I love to travel)

My first job was when I was 14, I worked in a daycare of 14 kids of all ages, then Macy's and a long list of other retail shops where I transformed people into a confident renewed version of themselves simply by finding items that were flattering (I also love styling people) I started consigning clothes when I was in high school... (side note I love clothes and personal style) I've worked in training and management jobs, personal assistant jobs, and boring desk jobs that I loathed despite the money.  

My mind suffered choosing between business, psychology and interior design in college - becoming an organizer was by a divine perfect accident! After the feedback I got from my work (*yes I've heard it from friends and family but hearing it from a basic stranger is much different) I decided "AH HA" this is the perfect fit!!!!

Similar to other gifted people my mind does this amazing trick with things and spaces - I am able to take inventory and see at a glance what will or will not fit. Aside from that my intuition kicks in and I take in each clients style/goals/dreams - I just get an instinctual "feel" for it! 

Who am I? I'm an observer whose bubbly, charismatic, optimistic, positive, loving, creative, inventive, intuitive, silly, cleaver, original, lover of self help anything, cutting edge designs and technology while appreciating the quality and history of classic items. 

Thank you for reading! I hope to meet you and implement and inspire transformation in your life!