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The 28 Day Soul Coaching program is an in in-depth clearing and cleansing going through the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual using the four elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth to help create harmony, natural balance and wholeness. This program digs deep into the souls messages, truths and wisdom while clearing away any debris that can block from living a full harmonized and balanced lifestyle.

This program was developed by Denise Linn who has used her techniques to teach therapists to integrate into their practices. Denise has authored many best-selling books and has researched healing traditions from cultures from around the world for more than 35 years. 

#1 Just Organize Me:
You have already purged or are not getting rid of anything you just need for things to be in order and systems to be put in place and you need me to do it because you are overwhelmed or simply don't have the time.


#2 "I'm ready" to be organized:
Baby steps to overhaul. You know you have some purging to do and trust me to sort out piles for you to go through or will work by my side to get the task at hand done. You may use me to get past the overwhelmed state or to light that fire in you and get that motivation going or to get all of your spaces in order.


#3 Overhaul organization:

You are needing and ready to purge and declutter and do what it takes to get your spaces back. 

  Vision boards like no other!

I walk into each one of my clients spaces with an open, creative, excited, loving, and empathetic mind that's ready to serve. I tell my clients that I am a tool to be utilized - before I come ask yourself "what would you love?" in each space. I will not show up and force or bully or shame you into anything! *I like to have fun while I work and my clients tell me that working with me has made the process "actually fun"!


Working with The Container Store I can help you create that custom closet, office, baby or kids room, garage, laundry, shelving, bathroom, storage, and much more using the elfa or TCS products. 

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